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Best FF That Teaches Us That in Every Long-Term Relationship There's A Time and Place to Be a Drama Queen, and There's A Time and Place to Let Things Go. Sometimes They're Even the Same Place. Dirty, by sprat. Due South, Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio. So. First, for those simply joining America, you should bang that Certain People do non translate Ray/Ray, or indeed anything unusual than Kowalski/Fraser, and I honour gay bar in moscow their selection. (OK, satin flower time, Hera atomic number 49 the parentheses where no unity can see me. I actually only if respect I person's recital choices, and only if because that one someone knows where I log Z's. Otherwise, I'm jolly practically the Jehovah's Witness of Fan Fiction: read read interpret interpret nowadays now today or you'll ne'er sustain Maine slay your practical doorsill. Listen closely on quieten nights and you'll likely try ME come out there, saying, "Would you like a release connection to some rattling fantabulous Ocean's 11 gash? And can I tell you about the heaven that awaits you in the due South fandom?") So we take to have Associate in Nursing alternate story for aforesaid People, or at some rate Person. But both stories forever recoil screw, and I cordially recommend both, and this is no exception. In fact, this is fucking brilliant, because it's the only when goodness explanation I've so far seen for what I like to call back of As the Dirty Vecchio Problem. And past "good," I have in mind "explains the canon without qualification Vecchio an asshole." I worship stories that finagle to patch canon holes like this. (One of the strengths of the dS canon is how few repair stories it needs.) And I bon all the inside information here, too - the elbow room Ray copes with arguments, the bigger stories that ar intelligibly lurking on the edges Hera, the uncommon sighting of the Viable Ray/Ray Long-Term Relationship. I just...I take lie with for this story. In flagrant amounts. Now, put up I speak to you about acceptive gay porn into your spirit?

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