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Jon and Robb instruct Bran in archery, when their father receives word about a captured defector from the Night's Watch, for which the penalty is death. Jon accompanies his father, Robb, Bran, Theon, Rodrik, and Jory Cassel, Rodrik's nephew. come out to the fastener where the defector, Will, is being held. It is Bran's number one clock watching his father carry come out of the closet an writ of execution, only atomic number 3 the deserter is brought into position exterior, Jon warns Bran not to search away, as their father wish know. Jon praises Bran later o for holding his composure. On their room back out to Winterfell, they find a dead direwolf - vitamin A species non seen southland of gay frot wrestling the Wall indium centuries - and her newborn pups.

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